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7 free stock sites with copyright-free illustrations and vector attribution


You can download and use royalty-free illustrations to create beautiful designs, like stock photos and stock videos. These websites contain a variety of non-copyrighted, non-copyrighted illustrations and vectors.

Currently, stock photos are often a meme on the Internet and can be difficult to take seriously. A savvy netizen can be found a mile away. However, the illustrations do not overuse, so they add charm and joy. In addition, you can usually change the color scheme to suit your design or logo.

1. Open peep (Web): Mix and match hand-painted diverse people

Today, when art is used to represent people, it must be representative of all people. Illustrator Pablo Stanley offers easy options to hand-draw a large, diverse library of people and customize it to your needs.

For each one, you can change your hairstyle, facial hair, facial expressions, eyewear, body type, activity, and color. You can sample some of these with ready-made avatars that you can pick up. There you will find a wide variety of people standing, sitting or doing other activities.

Or download the entire library and use it in the Illustration app. And yes, the Open Peeps Library is free for commercial and personal use. You don’t even have to attribute the source, but remember.

2. Illustration (Web): 10 COVID illustrations and 120+ hand-drawn picks

In 2016, artist Vijay Verma challenged a 100-day challenge, drawing new illustrations every day. Eventually, he turned it into a cool pack called illuslustrations (3 L’s) so that it could be downloaded under an open source license. This means you are free to use them for personal or commercial purposes.

After the first 100-day challenge, Verma pulled them out further and added them to the pack. Recently he drew 10 illustrations at COVID-19. All illustrations are provided in editable AI, SVG, EPS and PNG file formats. You can download them all at once or select and choose.

3. scale (Web): One new open source illustration every day

Scale by Flexiple releases new open source illustrations daily for use in various settings. All illustrations are free to use and do not require attribution. Each illustration is provided in SVG and PNG and you can change the color template before downloading.

The topics in the illustrations vary, including both family life and recreation, as well as work-related scenarios. You’ll find illustrations suitable for home work, project tasks, recruiting and recruiting, exercise and games, and more.

Scale will add gender and skin color options to each illustration to diversify and customize the design.

Four. Artvee (Web): Download royalty-free classic art in high resolution.

The copyright will be renewed after a certain period of time, and everyone will be free to use the wonderful art unless it is renewed. It may be surprising to see how many classic art works are available to anyone in a personal or commercial project without the need for attribution. Visit ArtVee to see your options.

ArtVee is a collection of classic paintings, vintage posters, book and magazine covers, all available in high resolution files. Browse by categories such as abstract, landscape, mythology, history, animals.

There’s also a weekly recommended section for popular artists, book illustrations, and lesser-known artwork. Click on the image to see artist details before downloading. Also check collection Selected sections of artwork, including fairy tale illustrations, New York Sunday World posters, and Bible illustrations.

Design.Dev provides creative people with free design resources. A premium account is required to get high-quality printed materials and website templates, but for those looking for illustrations it is available. Most of the packs are free across various categories.

Free illustration packs for office lifestyle, work/business, city and city outlines, animal lines, abstract backgrounds, flags and banners, vector house, health and wellness, nature, interchangeable vector people. included. You need to register to download these, but you don’t have to pay 1 penny. Design.Dev’s illustrations are more prominent in crowded markets because they have a unique style that is not easily found on the internet.

6. RetroVectors (Web): retro, victorian, vintage design vector

RetroVectors is a fascinating collection of free retro style vectors, from Victorian designs to vintage poster styles. It also includes inspiration for fonts and designs tailored to the images you download.

All RetroVector files are free to use and can be used for commercial purposes. The website broadly divides stock illustrations into Victorians, 40s-50s-60s, 70s-80s. Most of these cost $2 a pack. However, there is also a large collection of free vectors to check out, including over 70 vector packs. You will certainly find something worth using with them.

7. Free Illustration (Web): Aggregator of the best free illustration pack on the Internet

Apart from the names already included in this list, there are several other free stock illustration sites where you can download vectors. FreeIllustrations.xyz brings together these perfect packs in one place so they’re easy to find later. It’s like Unsplash and Pixabay from Pixabay.

Stock illustration site

Currently, there is no search function (coming soon). However, you can filter packs by file type. Each pack has a brief description of what you can expect internally and what file types you can get. Most of the mentions in this list are copyright-free and do not require attribution.

If you frequently use design illustration packs, bookmark this article as well as this website.

Free alternative to Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is definitely the best app for working with vectors and illustrations. But it costs a lot. Unless you’re using the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite, it may not be worth the money.

Instead, check out some of the best browser-based Adobe Illustrator alternatives. Perfect for basic vector editing, compatible with popular file formats such as Ai and SVG, it works on any platform.

8 free browser-based Adobe Illustrator alternatives

If Adobe Illustrator is too expensive for your budget, there are many free browser-based Adobe Illustrator alternatives.

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