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Waste of money instead of saving from solar energy project Solar energy project


Waste of money instead of savings from solar projects



Pune – The Pune Municipal Corporation and the Central Government CESL Company have decided to establish a Solar Energy Project under the name of Saving Electricity. Although Punekars says they will save Rs 240 crore in the next 20 years, in reality, it will be a waste of money rather than savings. Even before power generation, NMC will have to spend more than Rs 200 million (Expenses), there are loan installments. Therefore, as this project is not in the interest of citizens, its proposal should be canceled, Rajalakshmi Bhosale, president of the former mayors association, said at a press conference today (Tuesday). Former mayor Rajni Tribhuvan was present on the occasion.

The Municipal Corporation decided to use this electricity by starting up solar energy projects for water supply projects. It was recently approved by the Standing Committee. Regarding this, Rajalakshmi Bhosale said: “This project will save 12 million rupees of electricity every year, which means 240 million rupees in 20 years. However, even before this saving, the corporation is launching a project for the same amount It is said that 57 countries will be saved for each unit, but if additional charges are deducted from this, the profit will be only 19 countries per unit.

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Large unconventional power projects cost Rs 4.2 million per 1 MW. But the Pune Municipal Corporation will have to spend more than that. In addition, 51 percent of the electricity generated from this project must be purchased by the Municipal Corporation. It is unclear who will own the remaining 49 percent. The project is considered impractical, just to reduce pollution. Bhosle said they have demanded Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar and Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar cancel this decision.

Are mayors and commissioners experts?

An SPV company will be created for this project. It is made up of the Mayor, Commissioner, Additional Commissioner, Chief Accountant, Municipal Engineer, Chief (Electrical) Engineer, and expert members in the field of energy saving. However, the mayor and commissioner change every three years. Are they experts in this field? Also, there is no expert in the field of solar energy on this committee. Bhosale has raised the question of how a person who comes every three years will not know about this, and then how he will give a liability of Rs 240 crore to those people.

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