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Watch Dogs: Legion is overheating the Xbox One X console [Update]

Watch Dogs: Legion is overheating the Xbox One X console [Update]

[Update: According to Eurogamer, the patch released on October 29 has resolved this issue. Xbox One X players should now be able to enjoy the game without worry.]

Watch Dogs: Legion is the latest game released today, but it seems to have been literally over-covered on the Xbox One X. Several reviewers have reported that the pre-release version of the game overheated the console and shut it down. And prevent them from taking the story further.

This was the case Eurogamer Ubisoft told its website during a game review that the patch will be released on October 30th. It’s tomorrow, so if you get the game on Xbox One X, it’s potentially a good idea to postpone it for a day. Avoid trouble. You can also reduce system troubles.

This issue occurs early in the campaign and forces a shutdown to cool the console. Call of Duty: Other certain games, such as Modern Warfare and Borderlands 3, had problems shutting down the Xbox One X, but these were a bit random by comparison.

EGM’s Michael Gorov I had a problem with overheating, but it didn’t happen on the standard Xbox One. There was a frame rate issue, but it didn’t shut down.

For The Guardian’s Keza MacDonald, the Xbox didn’t turn on for hours after the problem occurred. She said she talked to some other people reviewing games that had similar issues on the platform because the Xbox One X was Ubisoft’s recommendation.

We’ll receive the fix shortly after the game is released to the public, so we hope you don’t have this issue by the time you get the game. Watch Dogs: Legion was originally planned to launch in March before being late.When Xbox series X, Xbox Series S,and PS5 The console will arrive next month and players will be able to upgrade for free from the current generation version.

GameSpot’s Alessandro Villari enjoyed Watch Dogs: Legion and awarded the game 8/10. Watch Dogs: Legion Review.. He found some inconsistencies in the structure of the game and the quality of the mission, but enjoyed the message, the hacking gameplay, and the new recruitment system.

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