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watchdogs la casa de papel

Watchdogs announces a collaboration with “La Casa de Papel”: new missions and clothes

Watch Dogs: Legion just announced a collaboration with the popular series NetflixThe Money HeistWith this collaboration, the game releases an update that will bring some extra missions that will have a touch of entertainment inside. If you are playing or planning to buy Watch Dogs: Legion, here’s everything you need to know about the new missions.

Ubisoft, the developer of Watch dogs, confirmed that he will launch a mission free online cooperative. The mission will be based on the Bank of england and the main objective of this mission will be to steal millions of cryptocurrencies illegally stored gives Clan Kelly. As for the tap on Netflix style, the game added red suits, masks and other items related to the television series.

Additionally, the mission allows players to team up with their friends and infiltrate London. Players must also fight guards, disable a firewall, and take other actions to decrypt some data.

There have been previous collaborations in the past

Ubisoft has posted a official advance of the same and describes the mission as follows: “Get dressed and embark on a crypto heist for the Resistance! ”. The Watch Dogs: Legion update is now available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC users. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a collaboration with Ubisoft.

The company has previously carried out a Cross tra Watch Dogs: Legion e Assassin’s creed, which introduced a new character to the game called Darcy. The update also introduced a new mission to the game that required players to enter one. grave of old assassins to London.

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