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Downloading the TousAntiCovid application allows you to have your health pass on your smartphone. All Anti Covid is also All Anti Covid Signal and All Anti Covid Check. What is it ? It’s free? How do I know if the health pass is valid? How to read a QR code? Easy to use instructions.

More of 32 million people have downloaded the Tous Anti Covid application from June 2, 2020. This application allows you to digitally store your vaccination certificates and tests serving as a “health pass” or “European Covid digital certificate” to travel from July 1 in Europe. From August 9 it is possible put in “favorite” the certificate that acts as a health pass andshow on home page when opening the application. The Tous Anti Covid application includes:

  • the “Carnet” also called “TousAntiCovid-Carnet” that stores test, vaccination and recovery certificates.
  • the “Reminder Book” via TousAntiCovid-Signal allows you to be alerted to positive cases of the virus after going to a restaurant, a bar, a gym where a QR code has been scanned.

To check the health passes, professionals have the application All anti Covid checks. How does All Anti Covid work? What good is it? What do i use? How to use.

TousAntiCovid is an interactive and rich application of the first application StopCovid launched in 2020 for “contact tracing” of potential Covid-infected cases. Everything that Anti Covid allows The user tested positive for COVID-19 to immediately warn people that they could have been infected during their contagion period by activating the Bluetooth on your smartphone. Only contacts who have previously downloaded the app are notified. The “contacts” are the people crossed during the previous days, within a meter, for at least fifteen minutes. The aim is to allow contact cases to be controlled, a doctor is consulted, a screening is carried out, where it can be isolated if necessary and thus break the chain of transmission of the virus. All Anti Covid offers several practical functions:

  • key figures on the evolution of the Covid epidemic in France and vaccination.
  • access and download 3 types of certificates that serve as health passes to access large events or to travel : the negative test certificate, the Covid-19 recovery certificate and thevaccination certificate. The health pass has been merged with the “European Covid digital certificate” to be able to travel from July 1. You can also import your vaccination certificate or negative test carried out in the European Union.
  • The application is available in stores all the countries and translated into 6 languages.

Tous Anti Covid allows you to download documents that serve as a health pass, such as covid test results or vaccination certificate, on your smartphone.

  • Open the application and go to “Open my notebook”.
  • Click “Add a certificate”. Then the addition is done by scanning the QR code of the issued document.
  • When the test certificate is no longer valid, it is written: “These test certificates are older than 3 days.” A yellow warning triangle is present below the added certificate.

The application was first of all a research project initiated at European level and in which Inria (National Institute for Research in Digital Sciences and Technologies) for France. In April 2020, the Inria teams published, with the teams from the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institut (Germany), the ROBERT protocol – for robust and privacy-preserving proximity tracking – which features a technical application architecture of “tracking contacts “in accordance with European regulations. values ​​and on which TousAntiCovid was built. The application is directed by Inria, which groups public organizations, large groups and start-ups, but does not use the Apple and Google device to which other countries have subscribed.

The TousAntiCovid application is downloadable from Thursday, October 22, 2020, on IOS and Android. Look for “TousAntiCovid” in the Play Store (or Google Play) if you have a phone Android or in App store if you use a Iphone. You also can flash the QR code with your phone on this page.

> Download from Apple Store for Iphone

> Download on google play (ou Play Store) for Android the APK file

As of September 1, more than 32 million (32,003,264) French have downloaded the TousAntiCovid application according to the application data.

To scan a QR code in the Tous Anti Covid application, it is very simple:

To scan a QR code at the entrance of an establishment:

  • At the entrance of the place (gym, restaurant, pool, etc.), open the TousAntiCovid application
  • Click “Scan a QR code”
  • Place the phone in front of the QR code and wait for it to recognize it.

To add your certificates (certificate, card, vaccination, travel …) /

  • Open the Tous Anti Covid app
  • Click “Scan a QR code”
  • Place the phone in front of the QR code of the paper vaccination certificate (or proof) and wait for it to be recognized.
  • The addition is made automatically in “TousAntiCovid-Carnet”.
qr code tous anti covid
How the QR code for the European test certificate works © Government

Once the application has been downloaded to the smartphone, it must be activated. To do so, simply connect the device to bluetooth and then click the “Activate all Anti Covid” button in the app.

On the street : Once installed and activated (function Bluetooth activated and notifications accepted), the application sends an alert to users who have recently been in contact with a person who voluntarily declared to have tested positive for the coronavirus during:

  • 5 minutes less than 1 meter;
  • 15 minutes between 1 and 2 meters

This allows the person who declares himself positive in the application, to warn all the users of TousAntiCovid that it has been found. “When a person tests positive, they receive a unique code with the test result. If you want, you can use this code to report positive in the application.” specifies the Ministry of Health. People alerted by the app are invited to isolate themselves and perform a screening test.

Since April 19, 2021, the TousAntiCovid application offers a function called “TousAntiCovid-Carnet“. This allows to justifya positive or negative result on a screening test virus but also to download for free, if you have been vaccinated, a vaccination certificate.

The Tous Anti Covid Check application is independent from Tous anti Covid. It is intended for professionals who manage establishments open to the public. However, everyone can download it for free from Google Play Store if you have an Android and in theapple store if you have an Iphone. She allows control and verify the validity of vaccination certificates or negative Covid-19 test results by scanning clients’ QR code. It is also capable of analyzing QR codes in European format.

How does it work ? All you have to do is open the app, then scan the 2D-DOC or QR code by placing it in the middle of the staff, then slowly pulling the terminal back until the scan is activated. The result is shown below:

  • If a “V” vert appears, it means that the check result is Valid.
  • If a red cross appears, it means that the check result is invalid.
  • If a brown eye icon appears, this means that the data must be compared with the identity documents of the person to be validated. “Any health proof must be verified simultaneously with an identity document. The verification of the identity document is a mandatory step of the sanitary control“specifies the Government in its memorandum.

All Anti Covid verification reminds that no data is saved in the database during verification.

To support the reopening of establishments open to the public, the Government has launched a mandatory system for professionals and recommended for clients called “TousAntiCovid-Signal” or “Digital Reminder Book”. At the entrance of the premises, you need to open the TousAntiCovid application and go to the “Reminder Book” and then click on “Scan a QR code place”. You have to go and scan the QR code displayed by the manager of the establishment. This allows the user to be alerted if they are in contact in the following days.

“The application is free and does not require you to enter personal information, stresses the Ministry of Health. If you scan a QR code, check that the link takes you to the government app TousAntiCovid. “

Source : Ministry of Solidarity and Health, TousAntiCovid Answers to your questions.

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