the developers nine rock games and publishers THQ Nordic today it has presented a new trailer of some of the animals that we will see in the new hunting simulator hunter’s path will wait One of the two areas that awaits us with the launch on August 16 takes us to the Pacific Northwest of the US, to a lush valley with deep forests and icy rivers. Towering mountains and a large swamp cover a vast area of ​​64 square kilometers.

Many of the animal species that are very popular with hunters live there. The developers seem to attach great importance to a varied selection. You will find birds, hoofed animals, predators, and large wildlife such as bears, moose, and moose. Therefore, there must be the right size for each style of hunting.

These animals are in Way of the Hunter:

  • mule deer
  • Pheasant
  • american badger
  • White-tailed deer
  • american black bear
  • I raised
  • Red fox
  • grey Wolf
  • bighorn sheep
  • Mountain goat
  • goose ross
  • snipe
  • Wild duck
  • I raised

Very dynamic behavior is surprising in Way of the Hunter. The movement in the scenes shown looks very natural. There are also juveniles.

You can watch the new Way of the Hunter trailer here:

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Way of the Hunter will arrive in August: these editions are there