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Week 05/21: from Pokémon, ALDI and release dates


Welcome to the weekly Sunday review on Once again, there are seven more days left in which we provide you with numerous news from the world of gaming, streaming and of course e-sports. Now is the time to summarize which topics particularly interested you and us.

Also in the period from January 25 to 31 there were some top-notch surprises that we didn’t even expect in advance. We also received extremely sad news from the production of the upcoming Resident Evil: Village. An actress involved in the game died there at the age of 39. At this point, too, our condolences.

But of course we want to focus mostly on the positives at this point, so we put the death in parentheses in parentheses without any judgment. During the week we were surprised to change the subject, for example THQ Nordic with the surprising announcement of the launch of Biomutant in May.

Additionally, ALDI played a major role in gaming with its own new brand, while PlayStation 5 enthusiasts, on the other hand, have to wait longer for Returnal’s release. Last but not least, we worked hard on why Pokémon cards are suddenly super hot again.

Have fun reading!

(5.) The Resident Evil Village actress died at the age of 39.

As mentioned in the introduction, there was sad news about actress Jeanette Maus, who lost her battle with cancer at the age of 39. She had worked on various characters in Resident Evil: Village, even playing the witches that appeared in the RE8 trailers.

The Resident Evil Village actress died at age 39

4. Return: postponed launch – this is the new date

The new sci-fi and psycho-horror game “Returnal” for PlayStation 5 from the developers of Housemarque will no longer appear in March as announced. Sony announced that they want to give developers more time to deliver a reasonable quality product. After all, there is a new publication date:

Return: Postponed Release – This is the new date

3rd known release: Biomutant will be released in May!

We hope that the launch of Biomutant will not be postponed after Tuesday’s announcement! THQ Nordic told us that the long-announced open-world RPG should be released on May 25, 2021 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The title was actually not expected so soon, we’re excited.

Anyone already a big fan can pre-order a Collector’s Edition for a proud 399.99 euros:

Known Release: Biomutant will be released in May!

2. Own brand: ALDI enters gaming and esports

Less surprising, but more popular, was the announcement of ALDI North and ALDI South, who want to get involved in esports with the new ALDI Gaming brand. Cooperation with content creators, your own Twitch channel, and much more should be just the beginning:

Own brand: ALDI enters the game and esports

1. The Pokémon generation is back, with lots of money

Have you seen a Pokémon topic on your timeline more often in the last few days and weeks? So this is most likely the reason for this. Pokémon cards are suddenly climbing uphill again, naturally due to a trend in the US If you have first-generation cards at home, you may have small riches without knowing it:

The Pokémon generation is back, with a lot of money

As always, all interesting news is available on and especially in our news category.

Special mentions

You heard? If not, get in there! Podcast Gaming-Grounds episode 27 has been out for a few days now! We’re talking about Knossi’s departure from the game, Twitch records, the big business of esports, and the latest clubhouse trend. Listening is a must!

Listen Now: Game Podcast Episode 27

Adam has also ventured again and tackled another exciting topic. This week is about Early Access and why the principle is great, but it doesn’t always work the way it should. Would a pre-release have done Cyberpunk 2077 any good?

Adam Pawlowski: Why Developers Should Use Early Access


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