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What Are All the Good Things About HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) bone conducted earphones


HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) bone conducted earphones have a sporty look with their gold-plated silver and black color scheme. They boast a noise reduction volume of -3dB, compact design, and easy to operate. Read more on the positive aspects of these wireless earphones to see why they are the perfect headphones for your workout!

What are HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) bone conducted earphones

The HAYLOU Purfree (BC01) bone conducted earphone is a great super-small and mini-green screening device. It comes with a pair of earbuds that can be easily installed in your ears.

Lightweight and Comfortable Ear Cushions with Soft Silicone Gel Padding: The most comfortable feature of these headphones is that the earcups are made from a light-weight and soft silicone gel, which is really comfortable for the ear. It has soft but firm cushion cushions on both sides to keep your ears warm while wearing it while being safe and comfortable.

Ultra-slim Design: The other great thing about this pair of headphones is its ultra-slim design, which makes them very convenient and easy to carry around in a small bag. In spite of their lightweight design, it doesn’t make these headphones any less durable or durable than normal headphones that are made from plastic.

Comfortable sports wearing experience: The weight of the headphones is only 140g and they in-ear design makes them very comfortable to wear while running, walking, etc. The earpads are made from a soft material and the headband is adjustable.And this lightweight design doesn’t let it create too much pressure on your ears or any discomfort to you after wearing them for a long time.

Affordability: The HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) is quite affordable. The Original price: 119.99$, and the PMP OFFER is 20%. Also, HAYLOU has a coupon by 21$. Finally, the price can be 74.99$. It has valid time: 25th July-31th July to get these offers. So, it makes some sense to pay if you want something superior.

What are the features of these headphones?

The HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) has a 8H long battery life and fast charging function, with our special charging mode, you can take it from a low power to full charge in just 30 minutes.

  • Size: 6.5*5.6*3.5cm/2.56*2.17*1.38inch (Approx.)
  • Material: High-grade ABS plastic + PU leather (TPU)
  • Weight: 25g/ 0.88oz (Approx.)
  • Charging time: 2 hours / 90 minutes (Quick charge function)
  • Batteries capacity: 2600mAh Li-ion battery(removable) / 3200mAh when fully charged (Rechargeable battery).

High Resolution Audio cable: The headphones come with a 2.5mm audio cable that is made from a high-quality material, which gives it a coiled speaker inside the cable and an improved sound quality. The cables are both replaceable, so do not worry about the durability of them.

Dual device connection: A new feature of the HAYLOU Purfree is the ability to connect a device at the same time, the headphones are connected to two Bluetooth terminals and the devices can be switched seamlessly, and multitasking is stress-free.

Charge indicator: Smart-flashlight design, indicator light will flash blue when charging and orange when fully charged.

(Professional Grade) Mute function: Pressing and holding the button on the right earphone silences your music or takes you back to your previous playlist. The mute button blinks blue while it is active. This can be used in case of an emergency, but it is not recommended to use this function continuously.

Touch control: Touching the right side of frame directly selects tracks on your digital music player. It can also skip tracks forward or backward. Easily access the digital music players you want to play by touching the frame on the side of your headset.

Will these headphones survive any outdoor weather conditions?

HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) bone conducted earphones are designed to survive any outdoor weather conditions. This is thanks to the fact that these headphones use a special type of audio cable that is resistant to moisture and corrosion.

Furthermore, the HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) bone conducted earphones have a built-in microphone that allows you to take phone calls hands-free. This is great for when you need to keep your hands free while you are out running or biking.

The HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) bone conducted earphones also come with an integrated control unit that makes it easy to control the volume, playback, and ANC (active noise cancellation).

Support IP67 dustproof and waterproof: can survive being in the rain for up to 30 minutes and found submerged for 1m. The microphone is detachable from the headphones, as well as the cable. If a little stuffy in the office, you can take them outside when it’s nice out.

What are the technologies used in this headphones?

HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) bone conducted earphones are using bluetooth technology to connect with your smartphone, laptop, tablet or any other device. It’s so easy to pair with your devices without cables and wires! It’s wireless bluetooth headphones.

It has ear hook, so it can be adjusted to fit your ear perfectly and comfortable. You can also put the hook behind your neck and wear them as usual earphones.

It’s made of high quality plastic material and works on the bone conduction technology. So it blocks out surrounding noises, letting you listen to music at maximum volume without worrying about hurting your ears. It doesn’t have any sound leakage or background noise like traditional headphones do. Not even a whisper will escape from this device! You just need to put it in your ears and start listening to music with full attention.


If you’re looking for a pair of earphones that are both stylish and noise-free, then HAYLOU PurFree (BC01) bone conducted earphones may be the perfect option for you. Not only do they look great, but they also offer some excellent features, such as being able to block out all ambient noise so that you can concentrate in peace. Plus, their unique design means that they are perfect for people who want to keep their music listening experience private and confidential.

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