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Microsoft fixes problem with start menu

Microsoft fixes problem with start menu

Microsoft has released an emergency update for Windows 11. This is to fix issues that arose after the recent June update.

After the Windows update in June, some users experienced massive problems on their systems. Some of this will now be fixed in an unscheduled emergency update.

Specifically, Microsoft describes that they want to fix a problem with the start menu: after the June patch, some users reported that they could no longer open the start menu in Windows 11. A click on the start button had no consequences for them . That should be fixed with the emergency update.

Apparently, Microsoft has identified the part of the update that is responsible for the problem and is disabling it again. For this to work, the update is delivered as a “Known Issue Rollback” (KIR). This is a relatively new feature from last year.

Since then, non-security-critical updates have been scheduled in such a way that code from the previous program is preserved. Software switches tell Windows to ignore the old code and use the new one.

If there are later problems with certain aspects of an update, the software switch can be activated on the part responsible for the error so that the new program code is ignored and the old code is used again. The advantage is that this is very quick and easy and all functional parts of the update can still be used. Software engineers can find the bug and fix it whenever they want, while users get back to a working PC.