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What are the orange dots on the iPhone?The meaning behind the new iOS 14 green and orange lights at the top of the screen


Apple have Released iOS14, Its latest iPhone It comes with an operating system, and it comes with a long-awaited host of updates.

Some of them Customize your home screen with widgets Change the default browser for the first time.

An important change that flew a bit under the radar is related to the orange and green dots that occasionally light up at the top of the screen since the update.

This is what it means …

What do the orange dots mean?

If you see an orange dot in the upper right corner of the screen above the signal icon, it means that the microphone is on and you are recording.

That’s why you might have noticed that it lights up when using Siri.

Alerts are designed for privacy reasons so you know when they are being recorded.

If the light is on and you are not intentionally using the microphone, the app may be recording without your explicit permission.

Apple launched a new iPhone operating system earlier this month (Photo: Apple)

You can check if this is the case by visiting the Control Center. In the Control Center, you can see which apps are using the microphone.

You can then choose to turn off microphone access for that particular app, or remove it altogether if you need special attention.

What does the green dot mean?

The green dots are pretty much the same, except that they indicate that the camera is in use.

Lights on both the front and rear cameras. This means that you’ll see a green light when you’re taking a photo or video, talking in FaceTime, or unlocking your phone with Face ID.

Like the orange dot, if it’s lit when you’re not intentionally using the camera, you can use the Control Center to see which app is accessing the camera.

Fear of TikTok and YouTube

There are reports that the orange light comes on during use Ticktaku And YouTube, Leads to the fear that the app is listening to them.

It’s not clear if the app is spying on the user or if the light is glitchy.

Instagram showed an orange light during the beta phase of the iOS 14 release, which later turned out to be a fixed bug.

“Y’all Tik Tok is listening to us. This orange dot will appear on the app and disappear when you leave Tik Tok,” wrote a Twitter user.

Another person said, “Even if I didn’t record the video, I noticed an orange dot every time I went to TikTok.”

People say the same thing happens when you visit YouTube, but neither app is happening to everyone.

I I contacted TikTok and YouTube for comment.

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