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What does the new FritzOS offer?  |  c't uplink 45.4

What does the new FritzOS offer? | c’t uplink 45.4

The Fritzbox is probably the most popular router in Germany. Several Internet providers are trying to attract customers by adding a Fritzbox and probably all of them were already connected to the WLAN of a Fritzbox.

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The operating system FritzOS, which the manufacturer AVM maintains for the long term and for which it regularly releases updates, has also contributed to the popularity. Now a major update is imminent and it should show up with version number FritzOS 7.50. Among other things, it offers VPN via the modern WireGuard protocol. Also, VPN connections can finally be configured over IPv6 both through WireGuard and over the old IPSec.

c’t editors Dušan Živadinović and Ernst Ahlers have examined the beta versions of the Fritz lab. In the c’t uplink they present the new functions, explain the measured values ​​they have determined and offer guidance for the Fritzbox model range. Along with moderator Keywan Tonekaboni, they also talk about alternatives to the AVM router and what to consider if you want to try the lab version of FritzOS yourself.

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Also present: Dušan Živadinović, Ernst Ahlers and Keywan Tonekaboni

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