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What is the USB port behind the router for?

What is the USB port behind the router for?

Today practically all routers contain at least one USB port, including models provided by internet companies. Surely, have you ever wonderedwhat is it for? In this note you will find out.

The USB port or Universal Serial Bus (Universal Serial Bus) is a communication port designed to connect various peripherals, the most common being USB type “A”. He USB version 2.0 it has a transfer rate of up to 480Mbps (60MB / s).

The USB port has several functionalities, in the case of the routers this connector can have several functionalities among which are:

  • Charge devices: This port supplies power so you can charge your cell phone, tablet or gadget.
  • Connect a printer to the network: Of course, with its proper configurations (generally it is a simple process, just follow the steps of the wizard); and so we can make a printer connected to this port can be used by users who are connected to that network.
  • File server: Like the printer, you can connect a usb or hard disk and use it as a server on the network. For this process it is necessary to carry out some previous configurations, in this way we can access the information contained in this device from any computer connected to the network.

Finally, one of the biggest uses for this port is used by service providers to update firmware version of the team. Some routers can be updated by users, but it is important to make sure that the version to be installed is correct, as otherwise it may cause damage to the equipment.

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