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What is the Jackbox game?This is what you need to know


  • Jackbox Games is a video game developer who creates party games.
  • The company is known for its successful collection of word games such as “Party Pack” or “Quiplash”, “Fibbage” and the drawing game “TeeKO”.
  • The jackbox player can control the game from his smartphone. So these games are perfect for virtual parties.
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Jackbox Games is a Chicago video game developer known for its colorful and enthusiastic interactive party games that players can control from their smartphones, tablets, or browsers.

The company describes it as a kid in a classic game like Charades, specifically “a kid who dropped out of college and founded a jam company and gained the respect of his family.”

You don’t have to be a gamer to understand how to play Jackbox. Like any party game, the game is as fun as the people you play with.

In the right crowd, these simple party games bring warmth, laughter, and connections.

What you need to know about The Jackbox games

Jackbox Games is a small Chicago studio that started in 1989 as a children’s television production company called Learn Television.

In 1996, the company changed its brand name to Jellyvision Games and developed several versions of the computer quiz game “You Don’t Know Jack.” This game is still available on the site. The company changed its brand name again in 2013 as a Jackbox game.

Since then, Jackbox has become very popular, initially for parties and family gatherings, and later for socially distant video call gatherings. Most Jackbox games are fast to play, easy to understand, and rely on the player’s ingenuity and humor rather than reflexes to win.

How the Jackbox game works

You can buy party packs or collections of games for your computer, console, or streaming stick. Then, as a host, you will receive the code when you start the PartyPack game. Players can use this code Jackbox TV website And play the game.

Jackbox Games are highly competitive and often completely irreverent. Some of the most popular games in the franchise are:

  • In Quiplash, players compete in a “Mad Libs” style game by completing prompts such as “There is no gold at the end of the double rainbow. There is a ___ instead.” This is perfect for fans of “Apples to Apples” and “Card Against Humanity”.
  • “Fibbage” is a game in which players try to trick their friends into believing in the fake answers to the trivia quiz. The real answer is hidden in a distraction minefield. Earn points both by tricking other players and getting the right answer.
  • In “Draw Full”, a prompt such as “Napoleon is on a squirrel” is displayed and an attempt is made to draw. The picture is then presented to the player, who comes up with a fake title. Like “Fibage”, you can get points by tricking the player with the answer while trying to guess the answer yourself.
  • “T-shirt KO” makes interesting T-shirts by combining pictures and phrases posted by players. The design then confronts in a bracket-style competition. Once you’re done, you can order your favorite shirt design.

But that’s not all. JackboxGames created robot rap battles, games based on quirky product marketing and more.

Please note that the player cannot watch the game from the mobile phone as it only acts as a controller for the game. Therefore, you need to play directly (there are several ways to set your Jackbox game to play on your TV) or share your screen and audio with Zoom, Skype, Discord, or another video chat platform.

This virtual style of play is popular for work, friends and family to stay in touch while living and working remotely.

In fact, Jackbox Games surged in popularity in 2020 and The company had to look for a new hosting service The influx of visitors was crashing the website. The Steam download code was also missing.

There are currently 7 party packs to choose from, and some games are also available a la carte.You can buy them from Company website Or on the console.

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