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What size should gaming keyboards be?

What size should gaming keyboards be?

of Oliver Jaeger
For keyboards, there is not only a standardized size that includes all the keys, but also versions with fewer keys, which are given in percentage. The right keyboard size depends on what the user needs it for. What about the PCGH community?

In strong membership PC Master Race subreddit A discussion started in the last few days about what keyboard formats members use in terms of size. The topic was raised by Reddit user “angrysandwich”, who asked about the size of the keyboards on other users’ desktops. The discussion has now garnered nearly 32,000 upvotes and almost 8,000 comments.

Full size, no keyboard or 60 percent: what formats are there?

On the one hand, there is the most common format, the full-size keyboard, with 100 percent of the keys. These keyboards list the number pad, F keys, and control/arrow keys, as well as special keys for multimedia functions, for example, or volume control. For games that require a lot of commands that can be assigned to the numpad via shortcut keys, full-size keyboards are probably pretty good. It is worth mentioning here the MOBA or real-time strategy games. Of course, 100 percent keyboards take up most of your desk space.

The next smallest keyboard form factor would be keyless, or 80 percent. Such keyboards do without the number pad altogether and thus save a bit more space. This means there are 20 percent fewer keys on the keyboard, while the left and right hands are brought closer together when playing, and there is more room for the mouse. A keyboard without keys is definitely worth it for action games and shooters. However, buttons for media control are not included.

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But you can also choose some smaller sizes. There are keyboards with 75, 65, 60 or even 40 percent of the keys. The smaller the keyboard becomes, the more keys are gradually saved. Finally, after the number pad, the home block, the arrow keys, the F keys and the number row have to believe in it. The position of the arrow keys on the keyboard also changes as the detox increases. However, the functions are not lost with the omission of the keys, on the contrary, small keyboards enjoy multiple key assignments that are still available from manufacturers.

Now is your turn! What keyboard format do you use and for what purpose? Please use the comments feature and let us know what you think. You must be logged in to or the Extreme forum to comment. If you don’t have an account yet, you can consider signing upwhich brings many advantages.