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What to retain from AGDQ 2021?  (Day 4)

What to retain from AGDQ 2021? (Day 4)

Awesome Games Done Quick has entered its second half and has just reached its first million raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. A (small) speed record, which should accelerate with the end of the event (the last night often accumulates a million alone)

The attraction of this Thursday was of course the block of null games, institution of the Games Done Quick marathons. Feel free to browse the blocks of previous editions.

– Two world records. One in Energy, a PC Engine game. Congratulations to GliitchWiitch! It happened directly to another of Shinobi Legions, by Faust4712.

– One of the stars of this block was Ecdysis, the cunning runner of The Mummy, on Playstation. A posed and funny man, who showed us the unlikely approach of Brendan Fraser, in this game that tries to imitate Pac-Man and Tomb Raider, among others.

– But the superstar of the day, which took place at an inappropriate time for us, is of course the career of the famous The Legend of Zelda: Gamelon’s Wand. More than a game, a piece of history.

– This block is always quick to find unlikely PC games. Where do they come from? Who are they ? What are your networks? Sammy Suricate in Lion Land It’s a good example. A quarter of an hour of fun in the world of improbable games. We learn in the end that its developers are French, cocorico.

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– The inevitable race of Pokémon was, this time, in the version Platinum. It’s always interesting to see how runners manage to compress such a game, in this case in four hours. Most strategies are based on the capture and training of a legendary creature, here it is not. Etchy the runner really liked yours – he takes the water choke (the trusty GroSplash!) And uses it at all times. The further the race progresses, the more chances of crashing increase, and the final fight is particularly risky.

See you tomorrow !

Benjamin Benoit he is a journalist and Author. It’s rampant in pop culture, subcultures, and everything related to Japan.