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Gadgets: Science and technology:

Aleksandr Timofeev, associate professor at the Department of Informatics at the Russian University of Economics Plekhanov, called the Prime agency updates that could “kill” a smartphone.

According to the expert, new updates released by IT giants Google and Apple are failing more and more, “breaking” the usual work of smartphones. This is due to the increasing complexity of new updates and the software code itself.

For example, Google has released the latest update with the problematic Carrier Services application for the Android system. It turned out that after installation, SMS messages stopped working for smartphone owners.

The expert said that mobile operators often update communication services taking into account the latest technologies and sometimes updates can affect the proper functioning of a smartphone. In some cases, they can completely “crack” the device to revert to factory settings.

The specialist concluded that it is in the software where critical errors appear. Therefore, many developers use out-of-the-box templates, exchange best practices, and sometimes get confused in a long process of algorithms.

Last july reportedthat a system update limited the functionality of the Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone. Users told the company’s official forum and on social networks that after installing the security patch, the second SIM card stopped working in the phones. According to journalists, the problem was caused by an incorrect update called V11.0.3.0.QFQMXTC, while the correct one had the suffix QFQMIXM.