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WhatsApp announces a drastic innovation with a new update

WhatsApp announces a drastic innovation with a new update

WhatsApp users benefit from an innovation.Image: EPA FILE / Ritchie B. Tongo

WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging service. 58 million alone people chat only on Germany about that, worldwide there are almost two billion. The group, which belongs to Meta, announced it in 2020.

To make sure it stays that way, WhatsApp keeps providing updates for innovations, for example new features or emojis. Now you can react to a message with an emoji and save yourself a longer response. The same feature will now also be introduced for WhatsApp status, a trial version for Android This already exists.

But now comes the next innovation that many WhatsApp users will like.

WhatsApp improves old function

Almost everyone knows it: you send a message and you immediately regret it. The messenger has already created a remedy for that. Currently, messages can be deleted within an hour of being sent.

You can still see the message that the message has been deleted in the chat history, but the message itself has disappeared. Now WhatsApp goes one step further.

Now Meta seems to be getting ready, namelyWhen the time period was significantly extended, that is, to “a little over two days.” WhatsApp reported on Monday Twitter. More details are already available in a blog specialized in technology.9To5Mac“For example, write that it was up to two days and twelve hours.

Apple just introduced the delete feature

However, deleted messages might have already been read by the recipient, notices WhatsApp in. It is also possible that the media sent in photos was saved even though the associated message was deleted in the Whatsapp chat.

Weather WhatsApp revolutionized its function, Apple is introducing them now. With the new iOS 16 system update, the ability to delete messages in your own Messenger is just being introduced.

Mark Zuckerberg announces more innovations

You shouldn’t stop with this Whatsapp innovation alone. Founder and CEO of Meta mark zuckerberg Leave Facebook and more on her Instagram story.

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Meta.Image: imago stock&people / IP3press

The focus should be on privacy and protection of one’s online presence. Users should be able to personalize the online ad or leave group chats without notifying all members.