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WhatsApp: emoji reactions are significantly expanded

WhatsApp: emoji reactions are significantly expanded

WhatsApp recently added a new feature to its popular messenger, Emoji Reactions. This is now expanding significantly.

WhatsApp is significantly increasing the repertoire of available emoji reactions, as Mark Zuckerberg announced on Facebook. There, the meta-boss announces that all available emojis will soon be available to choose from. This gives users hundreds of different options to choose from and there are no limits to creativity anymore.

Mark Zuckerberg announces the new emoji reactions on Facebook. (Source: Mark Zuckerberg)

We already reported in early May that after a long wait, WhatsApp has finally introduced emoji reactions, which have been standard in other messengers like Telegram for years. However, the selection of available emojis was limited to six preset options. With unlimited options, WhatsApp is now outperforming the competition.

Users can reply to messages by tapping and holding on them. Then a selection window opens that, in addition to options such as “Reply”, “Forward” and “Delete”, also has a series of emojis available; in the new version, this is supplemented by a “+”, which can be used to select all other emojis.