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WhatsApp images for your birthday: Funny greetings to send


The next birthday is just around the corner and congratulations should be sent, nothing easier than that. Here you will find a selection of excellent birthday wishes.

The most important things at a glance

  • classic congratulations

  • funny congratulations
  • Thought-provoking congratulations
  • Greeting cards and greeting images.
  • Download and save greeting cards – this is how it works

Happy birthday also works great through WhatsApp these days when you have to do it fast. We have put together a colorful selection of greeting cards, greeting images and sayings for you, from which you can create a very personal birthday greeting and send it via WhatsApp.

Our article explains exactly how this works.

classic congratulations

  • My wish is short and small: May you always be happy!
  • To a year in which it rains nothing but confetti. Happy Birthday!
  • I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, because you are simply wonderful! My thoughts are with you, I hug you tight and I look forward to the new year of your life!
  • I sincerely wish you all the best for your celebration today.
  • All the best for your birthday! Let yourself celebrate properly and enjoy your day.
  • A hat full of joy, a barrel full of happiness, I also wish love and health in one piece.

funny congratulations

  • Charm, style and old age… Today you have achieved at least one of them.
  • Happy birthday, young man! Were you really sad when the dinosaurs went extinct?
  • I wish you a warm and bright birthday, but it’s easy with so many candles.
  • Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can uncork today! Bottom up!
  • Some words of wisdom on your birthday: Smile while you still have teeth! Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations, you have reached the age of metals! Silver in your hair, gold in your teeth, lead in your feet.

Thought-provoking congratulations

  • Phil Bosmans: “Learning to grow old with a young heart. That is the whole art.”
  • Salvador Dalí: “Many people do not reach 80 years of age because they try to stay too long in their 40s.”
  • Alexis Carrel: “It’s not about adding years to life, it’s about adding life to years.”
  • Salma Hayek: “You can’t stay young. But if you feel reborn, you will be young again.”
  • Heinrich Böll: “You can tell how old you are by looking at the faces of those you knew when you were young.”
  • Dame Barbara Cartland: “Men are as old as they feel, women as young as they seem.”

Greeting cards and greeting images.

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