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Whatsapp is no longer free?  Popular feature could soon cost money

Whatsapp is no longer free? Popular feature could soon cost money

For Android users, there could be changes to Whatsapp soon. Google should be to blame.

Dortmund: 58 million Germans should use the app out loud messenger people every day for free – at least until now. Because soon some users could incur costs. Consumers would have to pay more to backup chat histories.

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Whatsapp chat backups will soon be subject to a fee: why the Android app could soon get expensive

After consumers were recently able to enjoy a new update for added security with Whatsapp, now there is bad news for some of them. Until now, all users could save their chats indefinitely without paying anything.

According to the HNA but that’s about to change, as clues have been found in a beta version of the app that predict just that. According to the information, only Android users are affected (more Service-News in RUHR24).

However, this is not the fault of the app developers, who are instead working on new photo and video features for Whatsapp. Google is said to be responsible for paid innovation.

Until now, consumers could save their chats to Google Drive indefinitely, since messages didn’t count against the 15 gigabits available. That’s exactly what the tech company wants, according to WABetaInfo however change.

Whatsapp chat backups: the new Google Drive settings and episodes for Android users

The so-called source code of the beta variant suggests that Whatsapp backups will be counted towards the limited 15 GB memory in the future. Once the storage is full, Android users will likely be forced to discard old backups or pay for more storage.

For some, however, this drastic step should come as no surprise. Because recently, Google removed the equally unlimited storage space for the “Google Photos” service.

Cost of Whatsapp backups: Google should plan a quick rollout – beta source code provides insight

However, it is still unclear when exactly the time will come and if the company will actually set a cap on free chat backups. However, due to the beta source code, it is speculated that it will not be long before the implementation takes place. Until then, Android users will still have to worry.

Most users in Germany use WhatsApp for chat messages.

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When the time comes, those affected will be notified as soon as Google Drive storage is “almost full” or “full.” Then, at the latest, consumers would have to choose between the costs incurred and the deletion of content that has already been saved.

According to Mercury* is Whatsapp the most popular communication service of the Germansbut it remains to be seen whether that will continue to be the case with the costs incurred. *Merkur, like RUHR24, is part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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