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Whatsapp is serious! THESE features now cost users money

For a long time it was just an advertisement that many WhatsApp users had probably already deleted. But now the messenger is really serious.

Select Whatsapp features now cost money for certain users! All important information about the payment model can be found here.

Whatsapp introduces payment mode

Mutterkozern Meta finally wants to make a little more money with the free messenger that has been used millions of times. But the good news: the app’s tens of millions of private users are not affected!

Instead, the new model is aimed at business customers! Now there is “Whatsapp Premium” for them, a mode that allows them certain additional functions for money.

This is WhatsApp:

  • the most popular instant messenger in the world
  • Installation is done via the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)
  • is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s meta-empire

Messenger offers additional features for business customers

Consequently, the novelties are more oriented to the needs of large companies. They can now have the app generate a unique URL, for example, that is, a link that customers can use to contact the business directly through the app.

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Furthermore, according to “WABetaInfo“ Now it is possible to have simultaneous access to the same account on up to ten devices.

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Whatsapp is still free?

Will Whatsapp Premium revenue from business customers satisfy the parent company Meta? The app is still free, but users should know that boss Mark Zuckerberg has been trying to make even more profit from the app for years.