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Whatsapp: know the sender of voice messages on WhatsApp; Giant change load!


New Delhi, first posted on Dec 6, 2021 at 5:36 PM IST

Mumbai: The voice message is one of the most useful functions of the popular WhatsApp messaging application. There are very few WhatsApp users today who do not use this WhatsApp feature. That is why all the changes WhatsApp makes to this popular feature are welcomed by both WhatsApp users. The last function to increase the playback speed has been quite successful.

WhatsApp Beta Info (WABeta information) is a new feature that predicts upcoming WhatsApp features. From now on, the voice messages received on WhatsApp will be in wave form. It will be like the modulation of the received sound. Many of Meta’s Messenger apps, which already have WhatsApp, are getting this feature. The new feature will be similar to this.

At the same time, some Android and iOS users have already started getting this feature on a trial basis. The beta information report says that voice messages will not have the usual waveform and will have a more colorful interface.

At the same time, WhatsApp is also developing a function that responds directly to voice messages and emoji. This feature already exists in Insta Direct Message and Messenger. The hint is that this will be the same on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp to implement what users want

WhatsApp is about to introduce a series of functions to improve the user experience. Beta users are now reportedly testing the ability to rollback status updates. This means that every time users post a status on WhatsApp, they will see an option to undo. This feature was found in the beta iOS app,

Not yet available to non-beta users. WhatsApp has introduced the ability to undo status updates in the beta version of the application. This feature will allow you to quickly delete the status update that you accidentally posted. This is currently an alternative to tapping three dots to delete a status update that you posted in a rush or by mistake. Once this feature is launched, everything posted can be retrieved immediately.

WhatsApp status is similar to Instagram stories, which remain active on the platform 24 hours a day. Your contacts can see the status, but they will not be visible to people who are not added to your contact list.

Last updated on December 6, 2021 at 5:36 PM IST

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