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WhatsApp launches eraser feature for Android

WhatsApp launches eraser feature for Android


March 24, 2022 – 11:33 Watch

Depending on the cell phone you use, the WhatsApp functions change. The messenger is always the same in its basic function. However, there are differences between WhatsApp for Android phones and the iPhone app. In the current beta version of the Android version, new features have appeared that were available in the iOS version for some time. In addition to more selection of brushes, there is also an eraser.

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Erase details in images

To access the eraser, first tap the pencil icon. You can then slide your finger across the smartphone screen with varying degrees of intensity to blur parts of the photo or video. He reports that Blog Wabeta info. For example, license plates, phone numbers or addresses can be easily deleted.

WhatsApp users who have a Samsung, Xiaomi or Sony cell phone do not yet have this option. This is about to change soon.

Previously, you had to use a separate app

As the Wabetainfo blog reports, this feature is currently being shipped to beta testers. Therefore, it should not be long before the final version of the update reaches all users. WhatsApp has not yet announced when the draft will be available to all users. (jar)