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WhatsApp: like a desktop video call

WhatsApp: like a desktop video call

Internet Desk: WhatsApp has recently introduced video calling for web and desktop users. Let Osari know how to make a call and what should be available to her!

How to do ..?

The desktop version of WhatsApp must be downloaded.

Select who you want to chat with.

Click on the video call icon.

To mute or unmute the sound during a call, click the microphone icon.

Also click the camera icon to turn the camera on or off.

Accept the call button to receive the incoming call. If you want to finish, you must press the Reject button.

If you do not want to answer the incoming call now, click the Ignore or Ex button to ignore the call.

Things to do on the desktop …

The desktop must be Windows 10 64-bit version version 1903 or a newer update .. Mac OS 10.13 or a newer version.

The microphone, camera, and speakers are essential for desktop video calling.

Set up a headset if you want good audio.

Virtual audio and video devices are not supported.

You need permission from WhatsApp to use computer, microphone, camera.

Group calls via the desktop are not available.

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