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Queer gaming: what it is and why it matters

Queer gaming: what it is and why it matters

Queer games, what is that supposed to be? Why is that so important? If you are asking yourself these questions, this article is for you. If not, then also. Here you can find out what path queer representation has already made in games and what the current situation is like.

Video games have problems, but they get better

They all seem to be united: video games are no longer just for the niche, but for society as a whole. You have reached the indescribable “middle of society”. Along with this, it could be argued, it should also be the entire society represented becomes.

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Unfortunately, video games are still a bit behind schedule. The representation of women is often problematic. Even non-white people rarely have leading roles. And even men are often portrayed in an unrealistic way. Muscular, indestructible. I’m sure everyone knows this and it’s not supposed to be that. Rather, this article is intended to provide an overview of how Queer people representation It has changed in recent years, for the better.

Life is Strange – Before the Storm is a current example of a video game that addresses queer feelings.

Queer? What is this?

Queer is actually a collective term for people who see themselves on a spectrum outside of strict divisions. Male-female, homo-hetero, monogamy-bigamy. The word comes from an academic context. In colloquial language however, it is used to capture people who are otherwise described by terms such as gay, lesbian, or trans *. The term also generally means people from the LGBT + community.

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These people can be found in video games. rarely a representation. Most of the stories are told by men and women. Stories of “traditional love” as some would call it. Perhaps now you think that this is also logical. That a large part of the players are like that. And you are not wrong at all with that.

Why is representation important?

Still, there are a lot of people playing that don’t identify as straight and cis. These are people who, in their daily lives, often still have to justify their lives and their identities. It still depends on many of these people. Stigma of the abnormal to. It would be nice if video games gave them the opportunity to acknowledge their own experiences. OR?

What does “cis” really mean?
Cis are people who can identify with their assigned gender at birth. In short: you are not trans *.

Playing across identities can also be interesting for people who see themselves as straight. For players who are interested in putting themselves in the shoes of other people and destinations. Then should by no means a repression they will replace relationships between women and men with queer relationships and identities. Rather, it is about opening the middle. A plurality that can coexist.