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WhatsApp presents a new function: write messages to yourself

WhatsApp presents a new function: write messages to yourself

Updated on 11/30/2022 at 15:45

  • Every once in a while you have to make a quick note so you don’t lose your mind.
  • WhatsApp is now introducing a new feature for this: “Message Yourself”.
  • If the message update has not reached you yet, you can use a simple trick.

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WhatsApp introduces a new feature: “Message yourself”. Who writes “TechCrunch”. This should allow you to write a message yourself in the future. This allows users to access ideas, shopping lists, or links. WhatsApp wait and you don’t have to switch to the notes app.

Here’s how it works: Just write a new message and your name will appear at the top of the list for recipients. According to “TechCrunch”, it should also be possible to pin your own chat history in conversations at the top. The feature will roll out worldwide with the latest update.

The update is not there yet? A simple trick allows, despite everything, the new WhatsApp function

If your smartphone hasn’t received the update yet, you can record messages to yourself in other ways. With this simple trick: just create a group with a second person, remove them from the group again, and you will be in a group with yourself, to which you can send notes, images and texts. And best of all: The message is always read by everyone.
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