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Windows 11 22H2: Preview update resolves game performance issues

Microsoft has a new update for windows 11 22H2 available in preview form. Among other things, the package is intended to fix game performance issues that caused the 22H2 upgrade ban on certain systems.

Effective immediately, users of Windows 11 version 22H2 can try a new update with knowledge base number KB5020044, which raises the build number of their operating system to Build 22621.900 and is said to bring a number of improvements. Among other things, the package contains the changes and bug fixes that have also been available for Insider builds since yesterday.

As usual, the update is available via Windows update, so after checking for updates, one can decide to upgrade. KB5020044 to install as a preview. In the detailed release notes, Microsoft only mentions in passing that the update is intended to address performance issues with certain gaming PCs.

GPU debugging features kick in with some games and slow down

“Fixes a bug that adversely affects performance in certain games and applications. The issue is related to GPU performance debugging features that reduce expected game performance,” the release notes on the support pages of GPU say. Microsoft. Earlier it was said that some Windows 11 22H2 related games and programs activate GPU debugging features which are not actually intended for end-customers. Microsoft has never released a list of related apps and games that may cause Windows 11 22H2 performance degradation. However, delivery of the update to the latest version of the operating system was blocked for certain systems and it was recommended to refrain from updating for the time being. The update block was lifted about a week ago and delivery of the corresponding update in the form of KB5020044 is now starting.

As usual, the update should be delivered to all Windows 11 22H2 systems by the next patch day on December 13, 2022 after the preview phase ends. Anyone who has updated their system affected by performance issues to version 22H2 after the recent removal of the update block, but has not had the preview, should no longer have performance issues in games and applications at the latest.

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