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Chi sale e chi scende - Di Cesare leader, sorprende Candellone. Antenucci e D’Ursi non pervenuti

Who goes up and who goes down

For him Bari This is the next day of the fiery defeat suffered against Ternana. Toward Break free the boys of Massimo Carrera they started a match on both sides: after positive first half in which the lightning goal came from Mattia Maita, the roosters suffered a clear decline in the second half of the match, which allowed Cristiano Lucarelli’s team to sign the to return in the final minutes of the match. A mocking result, which in fact closed the games for first square. The gap between Terni ed Avellino me Bari, the two direct pursuers who will now compete until the end of the championship second place.

WHO GOES UP – At the first presence with Race On the bench, Valerio Di Cesare he did not let himself be caught off guard, rising to reference point of the equipment and ensuring stability and compactness to the back department. It is his merit for being able to keep it concentrated defense. Has also returned to the old glories Mattia Maita, author of a satisfactory test from all points of view. The class of 1994 is real Pharaoh of the rojiblanco midfield and in the first minutes of the game he manages to take away the satisfaction of scoring the goal goal of the first season. A framing performance for the twenty-six-year-old center-back. Among the best in the field also the man you do not expect, Leonardo candellone, surprisingly included in the starting lineup and fundamental pawn in Carrera schematics. In fact, the goal of the momentary 1-0 is the result of his game. A meticulous job, that of number eighteen, even in the rear, which benefits from valuable help of a Candellone finally found.

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WHO LOWS Mirco Antenucci is certainly the disappointment of the challenge of Break free. Not at all incisive, the red and white bomber starts from the bench taking over from Cyanci ten minutes from the final whistle. Accomplice of Little available, the number seven does not emerge, getting caught in the quicksand of the mediocrity. Little substance on the part of a footballer of whom more was expected. Totally absent what’s more Eugenio D’Ursi, so much so that someone thinks they have never stepped on the pitch. The class of 1995 barely touches a ball walking in the middle of the field for half an hour without courage and motivation. Without infamy and without praise the performance of Alessio Sabbione. The defender stamp the label taking over from Rolando in the seventy-ninth minute, but his presence on the pitch is anything but tangible. To review your role on the mister template Race.