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Why every gaming PC needs a frame limit

Why every gaming PC needs a frame limit

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Each generation of graphics cards increases power consumption. We all want to play games on the PC, but at the same time protect the environment, or we want to save money on our electricity bills without heating our apartment more or turning down the fans a bit. With these tips you will considerably reduce your consumption and noise and you will not feel any drop in performance. Here’s a simple tune that anyone can make on any gaming computer.

Saving some energy is very easy to do in just a few steps, and that too without upgrading particularly efficient hardware or making time-consuming airflow adjustments. The graphics card is the biggest heating block on a gaming rig, so it takes a bit of taming, but it’s worth it. It doesn’t always have to be used 100 percent. Especially the last percentage, because they cost significantly more electricity. For example, a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption can save 30 percent of total energy consumption. Definitely a worthy compromise. We’re doing this with a simple frame limit, which makes sense for several reasons. Not only will your graphics card run more efficiently, but a consistent frame rate will make gameplay a bit smoother. Going after maximum fps doesn’t always make sense. For example, if you play at more than 100 fps, who will notice 10 fps less? In fact, fluctuating fps can be more annoying than slightly lower fps.

Of course, there are many other ways to save electricity. However, addressing the graphics card is the first and most important step, because it simply consumes the most power when gaming. Frame limiting described here is a very simple method and can be implemented with any gaming PC or graphics card. Of course, everyone must find a compromise for themselves and their hardware. But realizing that the GPU works most efficiently when it’s not running at its limit is an important starting point. Undervolting is worth it, of course more or less depending on the GPU model, but we explain it in another video.