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Win an Acer Gaming Monitor on December 22

Win an Acer Gaming Monitor on December 22

Fast reacting 27 “gaming monitor with WQHD resolution and 144Hz refresh rate

With the Acer KG1 (KG271UAbmiipx), speed is the top priority: it combines an extremely short response time of just one millisecond with a very smooth refresh rate of up to 144 Hz. Its “ZeroFrame” design with a particularly thin border not only allows you to It gives a puristic, elegant look, also makes it a very good option as part of a multi-monitor setup. Complement these strengths with detailed WQHD resolution and various features to protect your eyes in long-term use.

Integrated speakers

Speakers are already built into this monitor. You don’t need external speakers and it saves your desk space.
Ultra-fast TN panel

This monitor uses Twisted Nematic (TN) technology. This type of panel shines with extremely short response times. High reaction times result in unsightly streaks with fast-moving content. The TN panel of this monitor is fast enough that this effect does not occur. This makes this monitor an excellent choice for multimedia applications.

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