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Win one of three Nintendo Pokémon Game Packs

Win one of three Nintendo Pokémon Game Packs

Among all the participants of the “Pokémon Crimson/Pokémon Crimson” competition, Nintendo is giving away three Poketastic game packs. There is a possibility that Nintendo Switch: OLED model in Pokémon Crimson/Crimson Edition, the luxurious starter Pokémon Felori, Krokel and Kwaks. – and of course the latest generation of Pokémon games are also available.

Pokémon Crimson and Pokémon Crimson developed by GAME FREAK inc. evolved are the next step in the evolution of the main series of Pokémon. Trainers can explore an open world where the many cities blend seamlessly with the surrounding nature. In this region, Pokémon can be seen everywhere: in the sky, in the sea, and on the streets.

As one of the main characters, players will immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon Crimson and Pokemon Crimson embark on your own adventure. Depending on the edition they play, they wear a different outfit. Before their journey begins, they will be able to choose their first partner Pokémon from Felori, the Flora Cat Pokémon, Krokel, the Fire Crocodile Pokémon, and Kwaks, the Duckling Pokémon.

Participate and win one of these packages:

1st Prize: Nintendo Switch: OLED model (Pokémon Crimson/Crimson Edition) including Pokémon Crimson/Crimson (as chosen by the winner) and stuffed animal

2nd prize: Pokémon Crimson/Crimson Twin Pack including merchandise and plush

3rd prize: Pokémon Crimson or Crimson (depending on winner’s choice) including merchandise and plush