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Wind Tre does not work, inactive for mobile and fixed networks between April 29 and 30

Inefficiencies and problems today April 29, 2021 for users who use WIND, which is idle and does not work for both mobile and fixed networks.

The numbers are very high and are arriving in increasing numbers from various areas of Italy. So there is no problem with your smartphone, but it is a general problem at the carrier infrastructure level.

WINDTRE not working: down today April 29

The reports come from all over Italy and refer to the network architecture of WIND in all its aspects. They range from the blackout of phone calls in both directions, incoming and outgoing, to the absence of Internet connection; in many cases the service is completely absent and there is no signal. Sometimes the message “incoming calls blocked” may also appear, however the problem is precisely with the network and does not concern your smartphone in particular.

Even on social media the hashtag #windtredown it is among the most popular, underscoring the importance of the problem. The operator has not been particularly chatty on its social media and there seems to have been few responses to user complaints, mainly on Twitter. Instead, there is no message on the official Facebook page.

The problem is still present but for the moment WIND it is not making itself heard, probably because it is trying to find the source of the problem and fix it. Did you also have problems with the network today? Tell us about your experience in the comment box.

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