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Windows 11 2022 („22H2“): Microsoft arbeitet bereits an den ersten Feature-Drops

Windows 11 2022 (“22H2”): Microsoft is already working on the first feature drops

The next feature update Windows 11 2022 (“22H2”) is not yet in the release, Microsoft is already working on the first updates, which will then appear in the new release cycle (“Next Valley”) as feature drops (” Moments” ) and the previously promised features of the operating system will be delivered later.

New features are still a long time coming

After the first preview of Windows 11 2022, also known as Sun Valley 2, was released in June, certain features will not be included in the feature update as things stand right now. Contrary to previous expectations, Microsoft is yet to feature features like tabs in the file explorer for the time being, and time is also running out for the Windows Subsystem for Android.

I like the site desktop modifier Now reported, builds 228xx and 229xx are expected to appear as “Time 1” and “Time 2” feature updates.

The current version of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22622 on the Beta Channel already represents the feature range of the first feature (“Time 1”), which will appear later as Build 228xx.

Windows 11 releases
  • Windows 11 22000 (“21H2”) – Initial Release
  • Windows 11 22621 (“22H2”) – Windows 11 2022
  • Windows 11 228xx: Feature Removal (“Moment 1”)
  • Windows 11 229xx: Feature Removal (“Moment 2”)

I like the Twitter user albacore tuna alias @thebookisclosed now reported, the second feature drop (“Moment 2”) as build 229xx won’t appear until next year. Despite the new release cycle and new designation, these are ultimately just minor updates, as they are already known in the form of “enabling packages” for Windows 11.

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Windows 11 is becoming more and more of a dead end

Windows 11, which was initially released on October 5, 2021, is still missing the features promised at the beginning. This also means that the operating system is having a hard time in the ComputerBase community, finding only little acceptance and support. Some 76 percent of the more than 3,000 participants in an editorial survey have not yet switched.

Have you switched from Windows 10 to Windows 11 in the meantime?
  • Yes

  • No

The feature update, which was actually supposed to be announced last month with a pre-release that also failed to materialize, will overhaul the operating system settings in addition to the extended start menu with customizable folders and a configurable recommendation area and will again give you the folders a preview image.

Windows 11 2022 (“22H2”)
  • Official name: Windows 11 2022
  • Code name during development: Sun Valley 2
  • Most important news:
  • Pre-launch: from August 2022
  • Release: from mid-September 2022

*) will probably ship later with a feature drop.

As always, the Microsoft Flight Center.