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Windows 11: "Better Windows for Games" has a release date

Windows 11: “Better Windows for Games” has a release date

Microsoft is about to launch a new Windows. Windows 11 is supposed to be “the best Windows for gamers yet”, and it now has a start date.

Microsoft wants to make its extensive Windows operating system even more noticeable and, according to its own statements, has gamers in mind above all. With the new Windows 11, you want to offer nothing less than the best Windows for gamers to date. The start date for this has now also been set.

As the company has now confirmed, the release of Windows 11 will begin on October 5, 2021. The phrase “from the” already gives you an idea: not everyone will directly benefit from the new version of the operating system or the corresponding one. Windows 10 update. On the contrary, Microsoft will gradually make the new version available on more and more systems. The main thing is to ensure the high quality of the operating system and implementation.

Windows 11 was announced in June and is said to have several special features for gamers. Among other things, DirectX 12 Ultimate, DirectStorage or Auto HDR should be mentioned here. There will also be a completely redesigned Microsoft Store with a fresh design. In the future, you will also be able to buy Android apps for Windows 11 there for the first time.

Other innovations in Windows 11 are a revised start menu, snapshot layouts, snapshot groups, or a custom widget font. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass for PC is deeply ingrained in the new operating system.

Windows 11 is available as an update for many Windows 10 PCs and is usually pre-installed on newly shipped computers. The update will be given to newer Windows 10 computers initially, and older PCs will eventually be offered in phased deployment as well.