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Windows 11 version 22H2: Microsoft updates the user interface

Windows 11 version 22H2: Microsoft updates the user interface

from claus ludewig
Microsoft equips the first Windows 11 Version 22H2 feature update with numerous user interface innovations. We give an overview of which elements get a new design.

When it comes to design, with Windows 11 Version 22H2 some things change. With the successor to Windows 10, Microsoft introduced new right-click context menus. At the same time, the previous context menus are also preserved, which can be accessed with the key combination “Shift + F10”. Especially on screens with high resolution or touch screens, the individual entries in the old context menu are small and therefore difficult to find. To do this, Microsoft has introduced the new menus, which are based on icons for the most important operations and scale better.

Old context menus are being overhauled.

For Windows 11 version 22H2, Microsoft is working on better scalability of the old context menu. It’s unclear if the old right-click menu can also be made the default via a switch in settings. Until now, this has only been possible through a registry change. As of build 22572, the above context menu can be opened directly via a key combination by pressing the Shift key while right-clicking. I definitely have revised first old context menus You have reached the preview version of Windows 11 version 22H2.

Change wallpaper comes as “Spotlight Collection”

A special feature of Microsoft Bing is the picture of the day. Previously, you could display this photo on the lock screen of Windows 10 and Windows 11 with the name Windows Spotlight. With the Windows 11 Insider Preview 22518 a changing image can also be set as desktop background without having to download an additional program.

Menú contextual revisado en Windows 11 versión 22H2 <span class="sourceLinkwrapper">[Quelle: via <a href=""></a>]</span>” src=”×214/2021/11/Windows-11-classic-context-menu-pcgh.jpg” width=”306″ height=”214″/></span></p><div class=

Revised context menu in Windows 11 version 22H2 [Quelle: via]

Menú contextual antiguo en Windows 11 (mantenga presionada la tecla Mayús mientras hace clic con el botón derecho) <span class="sourceLinkwrapper">[Quelle: PCGH]</span>” src=”×214/2021/07/Windows-11-altes-helles-Kontextmenu-im-Datei-Explorer-pcgh.jpg” width=”380″ height=” 214″/></span></p>
<p><span class=
Old context menu in Windows 11 (holding Shift while right-clicking) [Quelle: PCGH]

Nuevo menú contextual en Windows 11 <span class="sourceLinkwrapper">[Quelle: PCGH]</span>” src=”×214/2021/07/Windows-11-neues-helles-Kontextmenu-im-Datei-Explorer-pcgh.jpg” width=”380″ height=” 214″/></span></p>
<p><span class=
New context menu in Windows 11 [Quelle: PCGH]

Destacado de Windows <span class="sourceLinkwrapper">[Quelle: PCGH]</span>” src=”×214/2021/12/Windows-Spotlight-wechselndes-Bing-Hintergrundbild-in-Windows-11-Insider-Preview-22518-pcgh.jpg” width= “380” height=”214″/></span></p>
<p><span class=
Windows Featured [Quelle: PCGH]

To do this, click the background image in the Settings app under the Personalization category and select the “Spotlight Collection” entry under “Customize Background”. A background image appears that changes daily. In addition, an icon is created on the desktop that provides more information about the background image and offers the option to download the image through the website.

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