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Windows 11 version leaked;  New user interface, Start menu and drastic changes

Windows 11 version leaked; New user interface, Start menu and drastic changes

TheThe Windows 11 operating system leaked online weeks ago. Clear information has come out about the new version of Windows prepared by Microsoft with drastic changes.

The Windows user interface has undergone drastic design changes. It is designed with the latest computers in mind.

Changes At the start sound itself From. Windows 11 has a new startup sound. There have been major changes to the appearance of the user interface. Moved the app icons on the taskbar to the center. New start button and menu included. The new design simplifies the current Start menu in Windows 10.

Photo: Twitter @ tomwarren

If you don’t want to put the app icons and the home button in the center of the screen, you can move it to the left like before. Also, the corners of the File Explorer window and the Start menu window have rounded corners throughout Windows 11.

The release of the operating system is also called Windows 11. Many features of the operating system are unclear as it is an unreleased version.

Technology website The author of The Verge, Tom Warren, has posted images of the Windows 11 operating system on his Twitter page.

There have been rumors that Windows widgets that were previously available in the Windows operating system, but were later removed, are being reverted to the new version. There are certainly some widgets in the released version of the operating system.

New Snap controls have been added to the Maximize button in Windows 11. All apps have this feature. This will allow the application windows to minimize to various parts of the screen.

Windows 11
Photo: Twitter @ tomwarren

However, it is unclear what changes will be made to the Windows Store in the leaked version. There are reports that the company is looking for a new app store.

In any case, we will have to wait until the June 24 event to obtain confirmation of all the information that has come out. Windows special events company has planned to give a lot of publicity.

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