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Windows-Subsystem für Linux: Kompatibilitätsschicht und deren GUI erhalten ein Update

Windows Subsystem for Linux: Compatibility Layer and its GUI are updated

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), a compatibility layer for running Linux executables on the elf-formatso-called executables, as well as its user interface have received an update. Safe mode, a recovery feature for damaged distros, has also been added.

Microsoft continues to expand support for Linux

Microsoft discovered its love for Linux in 2016. In the same year the company joined the Linux Foundation at, a nonprofit consortium that supports the growth of Linux. At the same time, the company published the wallpaper that served as the cover image for this message (“Microsoft ❤️ Linux”). In addition to the very generous financial support and open source promotion, the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which was also released in 2016, serves as a token of love.

Maintenance product for the subsystem.

The compatibility layer, which as of now has the new version number 0.66.2, and its optional graphical user interface are, according to the official release notes The following innovations, optimizations, and bug fixes have been incorporated into the GitHub developer platform.

WSL 0.66.2 and WSLg 1.0.42 Release Notes
  • Add the safe mode option to %userprofile%\.wslconfig
    • This change introduces the concept of safe mode in WSL, which disables many features and is designed to recover broken distributions.
  • Update wsl.exe to not create stdin/stdout/stderr relay threads if the standard handle is not present
  • Don’t set window title to wsl.exe [GH 8701]
  • Update Microsoft.WSLg to version 1.0.42
    • WSLg: archive wslg-notify debuginfo
    • rdp:upstream coding style changes
    • rdp: multihead refactoring
    • xwayland: fix some xwayland focus bugs
    • xwayland – Fix the default position of the override window back to (0,0).
    • xwm: Don’t send synthetic ConfigureNotify to windows that were assigned OR
  • Update MSRDC to version 1.2.3401
  • Update Microsoft.Direct3D.Linux to 1.606.4


New graphics driver also for Wayland

Among other things, the Remote Desktop Client (MSRDC), which has been updated to version 1.2.3401, and Microsoft’s internal graphics accelerator for WSL, the Microsoft.Direct3D.Linux Linux kernel driver, which is included in the package in the The latest version 1.606.4 is included.

The graphics driver, which has also been updated, complies with a bug-fixed “XWayland” plugin for the open source display server protocol. Wayland.

Safe mode is designed to save distributions

The concept of safe mode (“Safe Mode”), which Microsoft introduces with WSL 0.66.2, is intended to disable functions that are not needed and provide a recovery function for damaged Linux distributions.


Microsoft reships the latest version of Windows Subsystem for Linux on x86 systems with 64-bit CPUs on Windows 10 and Windows 11 and on Arm64 platforms with Windows on Arm. The download will be directly through the project page offered.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux in the Microsoft Store

WSL 0.66.2 can also be automatically downloaded and installed through the Windows 10 and Windows 11 Microsoft Store.

Subsystem for Android will be extended

The Windows Subsystem for Android is also being extended and will soon be available in “other countries and regionsbe usable.

Japan is starting now, getting a preview of the Windows Subsystem for Android and access to the Amazon app store.