WhatsApp gets new features at regular intervals. This in turn results in changes that have to be implemented. As is now known, WhatsApp will introduce another group feature that you can use to go unnoticed.

WhatsApp: leave the groups unnoticed

The number of members of group chats grows and grows. Up to 512 people can now be in a group and exchange information there. If you want to leave the group, all other members are automatically informed about leaving the group in the chat. This is exactly what WhatsApp wants to change in the future. With the new feature you can go unnoticed and leave the group chat (Source: WABetaInfo).

If the new WhatsApp feature is integrated, you will also see the notification as soon as you want to leave the group. WhatsApp group members will no longer be informed in chat about leaving the group, but just you and the admin the group in a short message. This way you can join and leave groups without having to justify to certain people why you no longer want to be in the group.

the function is first appeared on the desktop version of WhatsApp. In the future, however, it will also be integrated into WhatsApp for Android and iOS. It is not currently known when that will be the case. It usually takes a few weeks.

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WhatsApp protects you better

It was also recently announced that WhatsApp will protect you better in the status feature. Links can be shared there that you can follow without checking. This is precisely a security risk, so WhatsApp will offer a preview of the links in the status in the future will be. This feature is also currently under development.