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With Amazon’s new Alexa update, you don’t have to say “Alexa” all the time


Amazon has turned popular devices into touchscreen hubs and launched free updates for customers using Fire tablets that control all smart home kits, from light bulbs and thermostats to smart kettles and coffee machines. did. This new feature, called the Device Dashboard, was created so that Alexa fans don’t have to constantly rely on voice commands to control everything. Especially if you’re sitting on the couch with a Fire tablet.

Amazon admits that while on the phone, good books, movies, etc., at certain times, “touch may be more convenient than voice.”

Amazon has been working hard to make the device dashboard launch as fast as saying the wake word “Alexa …”. Fire tablet owners can quickly tap the new smart home button in the left corner of the navigation bar to jump to the device dashboard interface. Burned directly into the navigation bar, the device dashboard can be accessed from an Android-based operating system running on a Fire tablet.

So whether you’re playing a game, watching a show on Prime Video, or chatting with friends or family on a video call, tap the icon in the navigation bar to launch a new interface. And you can adjust the lights. In the room, it does not interrupt what you are doing with voice commands, such as turning on the lamp or starting to boil the kettle.

According to Amazon, the new smart home button can also be accessed from the lock screen.

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According to the report from ZDNetThe latest updates, which are available this week and will soon be available on Amazon-branded tablets, are limited to more tablets. This includes Amazon Fire HD 8 in 2018, Amazon Fire 7 in 2019, Amazon Fire HD 10, and Amazon Fire HD 8 launched earlier this year.

The news came when Amazon announced the new touchscreen-enabled Alexa device, the Echo Show 10. The new Echo 10-inch display is designed to rotate and find you in the room, so it’s always in the right position for a quick glance. Check out timers, the latest weather forecasts, or Grand Tour episodes streaming from Amazon Prime Video. This nifty rotation system also means staying in frame during a video hangout. You no longer have to watch your relatives stretch their necks and disappear while doing pottery around the house.

Not only that, some speaker components in the Echo Show 10 also move around when the display points towards you. This means that you always get the best audio experience when the touch screen is pointed at you. The new system seems to be an evolution of the ring of lights on top of the old Amazon Echo speakers. These light up in the direction you think your voice is being heard as a way to indicate who is listening.

According to Amazon, all tracking smarts that can determine where the Echo Show 10 is in the room and point the display towards you are local (that is, the device itself), so there are no privacy issues. According to Amazon, there is no facial recognition, so don’t worry. Instead, Amazon’s updated Echo Show 10 only knows that someone is in the room and talking directly to a particular person.

As you can imagine, if you want your device to stay stationary, you can turn off motion tracking.

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