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With these steps .. WhatsApp invites you to review the privacy settings of the chats

An urgent new warning about “WhatsApp” has been spreading on social media for the past 24 hours, urging users of the popular WhatsApp messaging app to check group chat privacy settings, after an update recently arrived. secret of the social messaging system. What is the truth of this last warning?

The newspaper “Forbes” reported that social networks were ignited with a group of warning messages, indicating that the application platform “WhatsApp” had surprisingly updated the privacy settings of the groups on the platform, a few days after its controversial update to facilitate data sharing With its parent company’s Facebook site, which users must urgently change.

In May 2021, WhatsApp announced through its support page that it would change the group’s settings to include “everyone” by default, as the new update allows any of the group’s participants to change their information, including: group name, icon, or description. .

However, changing the new privacy settings for groups is only enabled for their administrators, so the “WhatsApp” setting only allowed administrators to modify group information or send messages to them in the past.

It is easy to change your WhatsApp group settings and activate the Everyone option only for your contacts, by following the steps below:

First step: Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.

The second step: Click on the Application Settings option in the drop-down menu that appears immediately after clicking on the three horizontal dots at the top left of the main WhatsApp screen.

Third step: from the main configuration page, click on the Accounts option.

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Step Four: Look for the Groups option, after clicking on the Privacy option.

Step Five: Change the group setting from Everyone to My Contacts Only.

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