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Without clean energy, Yucatán would be in "electronic blackout"

Without clean energy, Yucatán would be in “electronic blackout”

MERIDA.- Ernesto Herrera Novelo, Secretary of Economic Development and Labor (Sefoet), recognized that without the generators of clean energies installed in the entity, Yucatan would be in a “electronic blackout”.

In his appearance, within the framework of the analysis of the Gloss of the Second Government Report of the Executive Branchor, the state official stressed that in the state there are 350 megawatts of sustainable energy, of the 920 that are needed for energy self-sufficiency.

“We are in favor of sustainable energy, as we seek to be energy self-sufficient,” he declared.

Yucatán, a backup in the electricity supply

The secretary stated that during the winter storm that occurred days ago and that caused affectations in the United States and entities of northern Mexico, Yucatán was able to support with the electricity supply for those regions.

“The state did not suffer a more severe blackout as in other entities, a few years ago, tAll the energy came from Chiapas, when there was a decrease in energy in the country, we had to send energy from here to there“he commented.

He added that with the wind farms installed on the Yucatan coast and farms with solar cells, 350 megawatts are produced daily without polluting, so without them, “we would be in a blackout,” he said.

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