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WoW: Wrath of the Lich King – Which class to start playing?


Choosing a class in WotLK Classic is one of the most difficult tasks for a novice player, even if he played the original version of the expansion many years ago. The class determines the number of roles available for one character, as well as the method of combat: melee or ranged.

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Which DPS class to choose for WotLK

If you prefer to play as a damage-dealing hero and plan to conquer high-level PvE content, then you need to pay attention to the following classes and their specializations, which will be popular in different phases of the expansion:

  • Death Knight “Ice” and “Unholy”;
  • Rogue “Fight” and “Liquidation”;
  • Magician “Fire” and “Arcane”;
  • Hunter “Shooting” and “Survival”;
  • Shaman “Improvement”;
  • Druid “Force of the Beast”;
  • Warlock “Sorcery” and “Demonologist”.

The listed classes have huge potential throughout the expansion, they deal decent damage and perform well in any of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic raids. Those classes and specializations that are not on the list have a number of disadvantages that hinder progress. For example, Fury Warriors and Retribution Paladins won’t become strong until the release of Icecrown Citadel, making it difficult for you to play them from the start of the expansion to the final raid. Therefore, if you plan to engage in the development of only one character, then choose one of the options we have proposed.

What healers to play in WotLK

In WotLK 3.3.5, the list of healers is rather sparse. Players are offered only 5 options:

  • Shaman “Healing”;
  • Priest “Obedience”;
  • Priest “Light”;
  • Paladin “Light”;
  • Druid “Healing”

They can be arranged in this order in decreasing effectiveness as a healer:

  1. Paladin “Light”;
  2. Druid “Healing” and Priest “Obedience”;
  3. Shaman “Healing”;
  4. Priest “Light”.

As you can see, Holy Paladins will be the most popular. Of course, you can immediately choose this class, but do not rush. The fact is that there will be a lot of healer paladins in the game from the very beginning of the expansion. This will cause some difficulties for beginners, as more experienced healer paladins will quickly find good guilds and take places in raid groups. Simply put, it will be difficult for you to find a group to play PvE content due to high competition. Therefore, the best solution would be to create either a Druid “Restoration” or a Priest “Discipline”. We’re leaning more towards the druid as he could be made into a tank or DPS (Feral/Balance) in the future.

Which tank to choose in WotLK

There are not too many tanks in Wrath of the Lich King, just like healers:

  • Warrior “Protection”;
  • Death Knight “Blood”
  • Druid “Force of the Beast” (tank build);
  • Paladin “Protection”.

The rating of the best tanks in this case looks like this (in descending order of efficiency):

  1. Paladin “Protection”;
  2. Druid “Feral Strength”;
  3. Death Knight “Blood”;
  4. Warrior “Protection”.

The reason why the proto-paladin is ranked number one in the top of the best tanks in the expansion is simple: he has a huge threat generation, high survivability in combat, and the most abilities to taunt opponents.

If for some reason this option does not suit you, opt for the Feral Druid in the tank build. He has one significant advantage – a large supply of health. This makes it easier for the healers who are responsible for healing the tank. He also has a simple rotation and the ability to support mages who are quickly losing mana. The disadvantage of a tank druid is that he has few taunt abilities, unlike a paladin.

As for the Death Knights and Warriors, their tank specializations are significantly inferior to paladins and druids. DKs have few shields and warriors have low combat survivability.

The best class in WotLK for beginners

The best class for those who have never played WotLK is Druid. It will allow an inexperienced hero to see the game from different angles and greatly facilitate the process of pumping. Druid Benefits:

  • It is possible to switch between specializations for melee damage, ranged damage, tank and healer. You can choose what you like – tanking, healing allies or dealing damage without having to level up a new hero;
  • Mobile, which is quite useful when collecting resources for professions;
  • The leveling process in Wrath of the Lich King is difficult and many classes find it hard to level up as they don’t have special defensive/healing skills. But this does not apply to the druid. This class is quite tenacious, has abilities for defense and can heal itself during the battle.

In today’s guide, we tried to describe the best classes for playing WotLK. We hope beginners will be able to choose a class with which it will be more convenient and enjoyable for them to play, and experienced players will be able to try something new for themselves. Good luck and good game.

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