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Xbox Game Pass pour PC devient PC Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass for PC Devient PC Game Pass

Until now, Microsoft has offered subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass (consoles only), Xbox Game Pass for PC (PC only), and PC Game Pass Ultimate (PC + consoles). However, the offer for Xbox Game Pass for PC might seem unclear and the company decided to change its name to PC Game Pass, quite simply.

Microsoft and its product names has always been a complicated story. The “Xbox Game Pass for PC” brand was no exception and many did not understand why Microsoft chose this name. In fact, Xbox Game Pass for PC does not allow you to play games on Xbox despite the presence of the term Xbox. Therefore, this could lead to confusion. So Microsoft finally decided to change the name of the Xbox Game Pass for PC offering to PC Game Pass, quite simply. The PC Game Pass logo will continue to include the Xbox logo.

Here are the three subscription offers the giant is offering as of today:

  • Xbox Game Pass : Access to more than 100 games on the Xbox console.
  • Game Pass for PC – Access to over 100 PC and EA Play games.
  • Game Pass Ultimate – Access to games included in the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass catalogs, streaming possible via Xbox Cloud Gaming, special promotions, Xbox Live Gold and EA Play.

The firm also took the opportunity to announce new titles that will arrive in its subscription formula on the day of its launch: Sniper Elite 5, Pigeon Simulator, Trek to Yomi and the next game developed by Hugecalf Studios. I still ask myself a question given this renaming: shouldn’t the Xbox game bar on Windows be renamed to the PC game bar? ^ _ ^

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