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Xbox Game Pass: Xbox France promises an “incredible” announcement tomorrow | Xbox one

“Tomorrow’s amazing announcement, we just want to warn you. ” This is what the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account in France promises. What can you prepare well for?

An amazing announcement related to Xbox Game Pass

All we know for now is that an announcement will be made tomorrow, and more precisely in “In the afternoon so that everyone is wide awake”.

We’ve checked and Xbox France is the only account that seems to bring up the subject. Therefore, everything indicates that it is a local initiative, not an international one.

If this was really the case, then one should not expect the announcement of a phenomenal game to arrive in the future. Xbox Game Pass, not even any link to Nintendo or the arrival of a new service. Even less when the announcement is made on a Saturday. Some players are already imagining the craziest things in this ad, but if we could give some advice, it’s not that they’re imagining things too crazy either. Isn’t it the best way to be surprised not to expect anything in particular?

See you tomorrow to find out what’s going on!