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Xbox is reportedly planning a cloud gaming device for next year

Xbox is reportedly planning a cloud gaming device for next year

Within the next twelve months, Microsoft is expected to release an Xbox cloud streaming device.

Xbox Everywhere with the next streaming device

It is said to be a streaming device that is not unlike an Amazon Fire device or a Roku drive. This information comes from VentureBeats Jeff Grubb. With this, it will be possible to use Xbox Game Pass without strong hardware.

Connect the hardware to a TV or other monitor and you can play without expensive hardware. Of course, a good internet connection, a controller, and an active Game Pass Ultimate subscription are important.

Aside from gaming, the stick should also offer the ability to use film and TV services. In addition to the streaming stick, Microsoft is planning an Xbox streaming app for current Samsung Smart TVs.

In his article, Grubb says that Microsoft continues to emphasize “that it doesn’t care how you get into the Xbox ecosystem.” However, the company has invested a lot of money in current Xbox consoles.

“This was kind of an admission that gaming hardware is still the best way to reach potential Game Pass subscribers,” Grubb said. According to him, it is important that Microsoft officially announce the plans in the coming months.

How about the Xbox and Bethesda showcase on June 12 at 6:00 pm? Perhaps at this event we’ll hear more about Microsoft’s plans to really bring the Xbox service anywhere.