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Xiaomi competes with Apple and Samsung with advanced 5G tablets

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The eyes of Xiaomi product lovers are looking forward to the upcoming Mi Pad 5, which is expected to be a strong competitor to Apple and Samsung’s iPad and Galaxy Tab.

According to the latest leaks, Xiaomi is preparing to launch two models of these computers, which will be equipped with advanced Snapdragon 870 processors to be able to deal with the latest Internet and 5G networks.

For these devices to be equipped with LCD screens of two different sizes, their frequencies are equal to 120 and 240 hertz, and their screen resolution is (2560/1600) pixels, which means that the computers will be suitable for fans of video games. modern. that require high technical specifications.

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These computers will also feature batteries with a capacity of 8000 mAh enough to run for more than 10 continuous hours, and the simplest version will feature a 20-megapixel primary camera, and the more advanced version will be equipped with a 48-megapixel primary camera. . .

Source: 3dnews