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you can now delete games directly from the PlayStation app

Sony recently has updated its playstation app with new features for game console owners Playstation 5. Sony had previously promised that it would add new features to the specific application for the PlayStation 5 console. That day finally seems to have arrived and now there are several functions available for the application available at ios me Android. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can download it completely free.

The latest update to the PlayStation app is the version 21.4 and allows the Remote management of storage space on the PlayStation 5 console from the application. This means that owners of the PlayStation 5 console will be able to uninstall games that they no longer use directly from the app. However, for the work of remote storage management, the PlayStation should be left in sleep mode and not turned off completely.

PlayStation 5: there are several changes with the new update

When the console receives a delete command app, it turns on for a few minutes to complete the operation and then returns to sleep mode. Apparently some PlayStation 5 owners haven’t been able to see the storage space management in the application settings despite installing the update.

Others, however, were able to solve this problem by reconnecting the PlayStation 5 to the app. The full list of new features in the updated app includes the ability to sort and filter games on PS Store to help you find what you are looking for and the ability to compare trophies earned in games with your friends. In addition, you can manage your storage space at any time from the settings and participate in multiplayer sessions through game invitations. You can also share images, text and URLs of other applications with friends who use the PS application.

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