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You should not answer the phone with these numbers at this time


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Of: Nadja Zinsmeister

Doubtful spam calls are circulating again in Germany. There are some phone numbers that drew particular attention in November.

Munich – Everyone probably knows this: You get a call from a number that hasn’t been saved, and often an automated voice rings on the other end of the line. These are spam calls where money or personal information is supposed to change hands in the course of the conversation. Therefore, caution is advised before taking off. In the best case, you will even know in advance who you are dealing with.

Be careful: unwanted calls can lead to unwanted costs

For this reason, the online magazine technology book It compiled a list of currently circulating phone numbers that will be used for spam calls in November. It often happens that the same number calls you several times, even if you don’t answer. The magazine explains this with the automated process: the computer automatically calls the same number repeatedly until it receives a response. After repeated attempts, you can also let go of the annoying calls.

It is better not to answer some numbers. (symbol photo) © Shutterstock

If, after the conversation on the computer, he contacted a real employee, he would have said it out loud. technology book in order to attract the person summoned to contracts or raffles and obtain personal data. Such advertising calls are even prohibited. Therefore, companies regularly change their numbers to avoid problems. Of Fraud currently affects Sparkasse customers as well. Scammers use a new internet trick.

You should not answer these numbers at this time

Even if the numbers keep changing, it’s worth keeping track of current questionable phone numbers. Because sometimes only the back digits changed and most remained the same, it is said. In addition, an overview offers the possibility, at best, to already know who is calling you. So the number can simply be blocked. technology book therefore, he has compiled a list of phone numbers that were particularly frequently in circulation in November:

015215173526\t cost trap
01635844545\t Contest
069244375048\t cost trap
069244375049\t cost trap
01637875622\t Contest
01773991844\t Contest

In addition, there are calls from the numbers 06924437540, 04029999112 and 01782480923, which could not be classified as a cost trap or giveaway, but also represent spam calls. the data have technology book from the “Clever Dialer” application. Users can enter the numbers from which they are being harassed in such a way in the app. The numbers listed are those that were entered particularly frequently. It is often worth entering a number that has not been saved and calls more often on the internet and see if others have had the same experience or have already had experience with the number and are now warning against it. (New Zealand)

Meanwhile, it happens over and over again Phishing emails that scammers use to try to trick consumers. Consumer advocates warn.

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