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YouTube: Game On

YouTube announces the “greatest video game event of all time” with an interactive live stream – ntower

Viewer integration into moving image formats has increased with platforms like Twitch and Youtube A new era of entertainment dawned. Now the giant announces YouTube, with this interactivity”the biggest gaming event of all time“to start. In its new format”YouTube: I play on“I should more than 60 famous creators provide two hours of interactive video game action in a live format. To push viewer engagement to the extreme, they should be able to vote on challenges and the overall course of the stream – that’s how you get the desired results. interactivity of format The event starts on August 27 at 10:00 p.m..

youtube quote

“This fully interactive livestream celebrates the diversity of gaming content that defines YouTube gaming culture, from entertaining gaming challenges and amazing gaming moments to classic gaming anniversary celebrations, all of the hottest trends on the platform are inspired”.

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A category of the broadcast should be, among other things, analog horror challenges, as well as the so-called Hot Ones Challenge. In this, viewers randomly choose players to compete against each other, but the losers have to eat Spicy Hot Wings after each fight.

Of course, the older generation shouldn’t go unnoticed either: in “Grandma & Gran-Poppy Playtime”, the seniors must try to be the last survivors in the survival horror Poppy Playtime. In general, the following games will be represented:

The following creators have already confirmed the event: AliA, AyChristine, Bazerk, Caylus, Chica, CouRage, Dream, EddieVR, EyStream, Felipe Kwebbelkop, Neto, GeorgeNotFound, Jake Fellman, Lachlan, Larray, LaurenzSide, LDShadowLady, Markiplier, MatPat, Muselk , Myth, Preston & Brianna, Sapnap, Sidemen, Slogo, SunlessKhan, Sykkuno, The Grumps, TommyInnit, Typical Gamer and Wirtual. No more creators have been announced yet.

Are you interested in the interactive game event or not so appealing to you?

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