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100 million PCs still use Windows 7, one year after shutting down

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The start of 2020 came with a sad farewell, Windows 7 finally his official life period has ended and it would no longer have Microsoft support. Today, a year after that, still millions of PC users continue to use this operating system.

For many it means stupid that Microsoft stop supporting the operating system and continue using it, although in terms of security it is quite risky to continue using an outdated operating system as updates that change and improve computer security settings are lost. Even many massive business failures and hacks have been caused by outdated operating systems.

Apparently, the announcement of the end of Windows 7 has encouraged many to switch to Windows 10, with the latter falling from 63% of PCs to 74% of late.. Furthermore, ZDNet states that more than 100 million users still use Windows 7.

Windows 10 came into our lives in 2015 and it is one of the most popular OS versions among users, after the high bar it left Windows Xp and the bad results of Windows Vista te Windows 8.

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Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter / Home / Instagram / Discord

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